Honestly, he was a nice guy, but jesus could he talk.

This is the last of the original comics, though I’ve got pages of sketches that I need to put in to digital format.  Wasn’t feeling very motivated this evening, hence this comic finally rearing it’s ugly head.

I will make every effort to put up a new comic next week.  Thanks for popping by.

First Day part 1

This is how my first day in my new job began, I kid you not, though the Security Guard was more polite.  I have to say that, on the whole, it’s probably the most amusing first day I’ve ever had.

This would have been a big strip, but part 2 is proving a sod to draw for some reason, hopefully it’ll be ready for next week.

Cause and Effect

These conversations actually happened.  Cris told me about his encounter with the MD afterwards.

Also, I’m not too happy with the scenery on this.  There’s either none or it’s wonky.  I need to create some backdrops to use that aren’t so bad.  Anyway, I hope you like this.

Yes it’s quite big…

Fun with PCs – Monday 1

This was a fairly common occurence in the other lab.

Been playing around with the drawing package, still not 100% sure on how this looks so I’d appreciate your feedback, either here or on Facebook.  And before you say anything, yes, I’m well aware that the lines are all wonky.  I’m thinking of using a ruler next time.


Wet Floor

It’s amazing what can pop into your head when you see something.  It’s a bit late in the day, and I need to do more drawings.  Can’t believe I’ve run out of completed comics… Whoops!  I’ll be slaving away tonight to bring you something to see but I may have to resort to random photos tomorrow.