Still here…

Working on a big comic, which I’ll probably have ready for Monday. It probably won’t appear big when you see it, but it’s huge by my standard of drawing

Fun With PCs – Wednesday 2

Yup, another one.  These are being posted at about the rate that PC had breakdowns.  Really had to feel sorry for Brian, given what he had to put up with, and there are more of these to come!  I’m, optomistically, hoping to get something different up for later in the week.

No comic today

As you may have noticed, there’s no comic for today (and there’s a very strong possibility of there not being one tomorrow as well), this is due to me being very busy the last couple of days, more so since I got my “new” Tablet PC (it’s second hand) to replace my laptop (which has a bust screen).

Fun with PCs – Monday 1

This was a fairly common occurence in the other lab.

Been playing around with the drawing package, still not 100% sure on how this looks so I’d appreciate your feedback, either here or on Facebook.  And before you say anything, yes, I’m well aware that the lines are all wonky.  I’m thinking of using a ruler next time.