Cat Top

An old photo, this is Billy taking full advantage of the heat generated by my laptop.  I’ve still got the laptop, though it’s broken now.  Billy ran away over a year ago, still see him out and about, though.

Wet Floor

It’s amazing what can pop into your head when you see something.  It’s a bit late in the day, and I need to do more drawings.  Can’t believe I’ve run out of completed comics… Whoops!  I’ll be slaving away tonight to bring you something to see but I may have to resort to random photos tomorrow.

Personal Reviews

I’ve had one review that started the way this does.  At the time my motivation was actually as low as suggested.  What’s worse is that, by this point in the job, I was very low on morale and getting messed up psychologically.

I need to do more comics, I’m running out.

Also, to those people who have been coming here to look at my random scribbles, thank you.

Air Con

This is what it felt like when the air conditioning was on in my office (which was also home to the servers, LCs, GCs, router, hub and CCTV equipment).  The air con unit was right above my desk and pumping out air at 10 degrees C.  It felt far, far colder.

Fire Escape 2

This is more or less what the Lab Tech had to do (with my help) to get through the window.  Bearing in mind that he had to climb over a desk (and PC) to reach the window, and then over a 40 gallon drum full of chemicals to get out of the room.

Running through the lab involved opening the dividing door, travelling no more than 6 feet, past 2 fire extinguishers, and opening the door in to the warehouse.  Suffice to say, the window was pointless as an escape route.  Especially if the warehouse was on fire on that side.  Part 3 coming up eventually.