Activity resumes…



Just realised that I’ve not posted anything here since Oct 2012, whoops!

To make up for it, here’s some bird pictures, specifically the occasionally visiting Goldfinch and the more regular Dunnocks.  Also, snow. Yay.

Goldfinch 1 Goldfinch 2


It’s been a while, though I’ve been busy building & painting an army for a war-gaming doubles tournament. (We lost every game, but had a bloody good time.  Will be back again, hopefully to do much better).  Then the better half & I went travelling around Scotland for two weeks.  Pictures will come soon.
In the mean time, here are some birds, around the bird feeder:

They’re not bad photos considering I was mostly using 12x digital zoom.

Something Freaky

Well, no comics as yet, I’ve either not had time, or no motivation for drawing.  Instead, I present this rather photogenic Crane Fly.
A decent view from it’s right.  It looks like it’s looking at the camera:

Slightly blurry, thanks to my crap camera skills:

A fantastic view of its left, with a clear look at it’s rather freaky head and massive compound eyes: